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  • 54


    Is there anything more glamorous than the allure of Grace Jones and the gang partying at Studio 54? Moeva thinks not. Moeva takes you to late '70s early '80s with the SS20 Collection. Fearless cuts and glittery fabrics are ready to complete the glamorous look to feel the disco vibe on the beach.

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  • Glam


    Moeva SS19 collection is focused on the spirit of 90’s with graphical cuts, retro silhouettes, spaghetti-straps, and pop colors. Moeva Women are going stronger with more classical silhouettes. They are not afraid to show their body with bold shapes and colors.

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  • Divina


    In Summer 2018 collection, Moeva was inspired by the book “De Divina Proportione”, written by Luca Pacioli and how the great designs of modern architects such as Mario Botta applied geometry into art.

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  • Elvira


    The SS 2017 collection Elvira represents the 80's general look and feel, we present a brand new collection with the feel, soul, color and atmospher.

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  • Essentia


    This year, the Moeva women will re-create their own world where they are the power of their own essence and existence, a world separated from all the rules and dominations.

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  • Soul Kiss


    Classy, elegant and strong Helmut Newton woman is the inspiration of Moeva’s 2014 Collection. Moeva’s woman ...

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  • Eternity


    Moeva introduces the new swimwear line collection, the first line from the brand, one to be remembered for all eternity.

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