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It’s time to become a Moeva girl! MOEVA stands out with the most glamorous bikini bottoms. Wearing an elegant bikini bottom takes your confidence to the next level. Moeva has a wide range of b... Read more

It’s time to become a Moeva girl!

MOEVA stands out with the most glamorous bikini bottoms. Wearing an elegant bikini bottom takes your confidence to the next level. Moeva has a wide range of bikini bottom options, which you can pick according to your style. Moeva bikini bottoms come in multiple fits and styles so you can find the right one for your next trip and have your moment of joy. Selecting an ideal swimwear involves far more than merely picking out the one that catches your eye – especially if you are looking for a bikini bottom. Bikini’s are fun and even the thought of a bikini calls to mind the best of summer warm weather, relaxation, and the beach.


Pick A Summer Activity

Moeva bikini bottoms complete your look with cute style great for laying out or every activity on the beach. Whether you surf, play volleyball, paddle board, or just love swimming. Highly active women want something that fits well, moves with you, and stays where it should. Summer sports can range from slowly swimming laps to intense competitive swimming, surfing, diving, or other sports. It’s worth considering how you will move and how fast you will be moving. If you are spending time in the waves, you will want to select something that will stay secure. You can find some great bikini bottoms that work well when you move. The best options include high-waisted bottoms, classic bikini bottoms that provide full coverage. The fabric bikinis are made of can greatly affect how comfortable you are when active. In addition, bikini tops can be paired with high-waisted bottoms which also generally stay in place with high activity. Look for something that will allow for easy movement. Moeva’s quick-drying fabric may be a great feature if you feel comparable during the day. Considering these features can help you find a comfortable style, which means you can focus on your activity without worrying about adjusting your swimwear. A great bikini bottom makes it easier to have fun without giving a second thought to what you are wearing. It’s no secret that people feel different when wearing different materials. High-quality fabric can make anyone more comfortable and confident. With this idea, Moeva aims what’s best for you!


Matching Moeva Bikini Bottoms

One of the beautiful things about wearing bikinis is the ability to mix and match nearly any bikini top with different bikini bottoms. Mix and match your fav bikini top with Moeva’s eye-catching bikini bottoms for an incompatible summer look. A bikini bottom worn under a high-rise pants is the perfect look for an afternoon stroll. Our matching bikini bottoms come in bold colors and patterns so you can mix them into your style. Wear them under a pair of shorts on your way to the next pool party, or use them as a cover-up when the sun starts to go down. No summer day is complete without your favorite bikini bottom, so throw on your favorite Moeva sunglasses, some sunscreen, and an elegant Moeva hat and hit the beach! You’ll have everything you need to feel confident.


The Perfect Bikini Bottom Fit

Thankfully, picking out the right bikini bottom is about to get easier with Moeva’s suggestions. First, know that there is no such thing as a bikini bottom for one specific body type. You can wear a high-waist bikini bottom no matter your height. Swim season is always an eye-pleaser, with the perfect silhouettes to flatter your figure and the trendy details that complete any look. The bikini classic bikini bottom shape is a forever favorite, whether you like moderate coverage with a low-rise waist. Prints are great at camouflaging a belly. The tighter the print, the more it helps to make your tummy less noticeable. Pairing a printed bottom with a ruffle top helps to draw attention to another part of the body. The color black is the best way to conceal about anything. Although high-waisted bikinis are generally more modest than other cuts, they have the advantage to flatter almost all body types. Mid-rise bottoms are another option that accomplishes the same look by sitting higher up on the waist. They are particularly good at smoothing out any love handles and helping to flatten the tummy. They also cinch the upper tummy, to give a great hourglass silhouette. Since high-waisted bikinis wrap around your waist, you will always look great no matter what body type you have. They are flattering and show off your natural figure, which means many women can wear them more confidently. While nearly everyone is familiar with classic bottoms, the cheeky bottom has only become truly popular in recent years. The cheeky bikini bottom frequently features a triangle cut in the front but moderate coverage in the back. It is a highly versatile look that can be as sexy as you want it to be. All of Moeva’s bikini bottom styles offer high-quality handcrafted details. Moeva’s gold accessorized bikini bottoms win the beach game all the time. Plus, Moeva’s bold and classic solid colors and playful cuts and patterns will keep your swimwear drawer overflowing with options to take you through every season. Paired with any of our elegant bikini tops, our eye-catching bikini bottoms will finish your look.


Are You Ready For The Trip Of A Lifetime?

We will support you through every journey you’ll take. Moeva leads the Designer swimwear World. Moeva not only produces in one category, also provides bathing suits for children, and men. Don't miss the chance to be the most stylish woman at the beach with your Moeva swimwear.


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