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The inherent wavy texture of Moeva’s products is a testament to intricate design and attention to detail. This element not only lends texture and depth but also accentuates their visual allure, culminating in a unique aesthetic signature to the collection. This deliberate pattern orchestration results in a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Textured // The Distinctive Aesthetic

In Moeva's Adorned Series, garments are elevated to art. Beyond the mastery of the fabric and fit, what sets these pieces apart are their intricate, gold-sculpted art-formed accessories. These aren't just adornments; they are statements, meticulously designed and positioned to serve as the centerpiece of each ensemble.Every accessory, with its gold sculpted finesse, adds a touch of opulence, blending seamlessly with the garment's luxurious fabric.

Adorned // Art Forms

In the Buttoned Series of Moeva’s collection, garments are more than just fabric and thread – they're a curated journey of design. The inclusion of delicate shell-shaped buttons infuses each piece with a hint of coastal charm and whimsy. But these buttons aren’t mere embellishments. Each is meticulously positioned, serving as both an accent and a focal point.

Buttoned // Coastal Elegance

In the Moeva's Tulle-Accented Series, where each garment is a symphony of design and emotion. It's an experience, a feeling, a moment.Designed with the modern-day enchantress in mind, every piece seeks to elevate the wearer to a realm of dreamlike beauty. The sheer elegance of tulle, with its soft touch and delicate allure, lends an air of sophistication that is both subtle and profound.

Tulle-Accented // Luminescent

Venture into the realm of Moeva's distinguished "Reputed" series, where the splendors of past seasons are given new life, celebrated and revered. Here, pieces that once captured the spirit of their debut season continue to enchant, proving that true style is immune to the ebb and flow of passing trends.


Paris Couture Week Recap: Jacquemus & Chanel

Paris Couture Week Recap: Jacquemus & Chanel


Right after ending the men’s fashion week in Milan, Paris Couture week blossomed showcasing some of the strongest yet powerful collections from the fashion houses. We have wrapped up the most iconic runway memories from Chanel & highly anticipated Jacquemus offering you an inside view from the shows. Let’s begin!





Before everything started, there was a young boy called Simon Porte Jacquemus. He decided to share his memories from his childhood and approach his RTW Fall collection as if it was his last show. Apparently young fashion mogul was only 7 years when he sewed his mother a skirt, made from a natural linen curtain in their living room. As supportive as it can get, his mother wore the skirt with great pride while dropping him off to school, and that was it! There you have the ultimate inspiration to form a whole collection based on his childhood memories. You may understand more clearly when you see the looks from the runway, here you have a catwalk filled with A-listers such as Gigi & Bella Hadid, Doutzen Kroes, and Joan Smalls.




As we switch from sustainable linen pieces, focused on timeless classics to Chanel’s Haute Couture Spring 2020 show inspired by the French Countryside, Virginie Viard did not disappoint for her second Haute couture collection. She presented plenty of references to Coco Chanel's childhood in Aubazine where she spent part of her childhood at an orphanage. The runway was themed with floral embroidery, translucent fabrics.completed by uniform sets and socks with loafers.





Meticulously designed for the modern man who seeks both style and substance in his aquatic attire. Every piece in this series, especially the highly sought-after quick-dry swim shorts, is a testament to Moeva’s dedication to excellence in both form and function.


The epitome of casual sophistication and relaxed elegance, our linen series showcases garments tailored from high-quality linen fabrics. Renowned for their lightweight, breathable, and natural properties, these pieces are perfect for those seeking comfort without compromising on style.


Moeva Men's knitted pieces are more than just garments; they are a statement of artistry. Crafted with only the finest quality materials, each knitted item underscores our commitment to exceptional standards.


With a focus on fit and luxury, our woven garments are where structure meets comfort. Every piece boasts an exceptional fit, a testament to superior construction techniques and our choice of only the highest-quality materials.

“Fluid Motion // Aqueous Athletics”

transcends the boundaries between
fashion, art, and athleticism. It celebrates the inherent beauty
and power found in the combination of water’s fluidity and the
strength of athletics. Prepare to embark on an enchanting journey
where the worlds of water and sports collide, redefining elegance
and empowerment in the realm of fashion.


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