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Moeva & Women

We are not only celebrating the International Womens Day this year, but also celebrating woman, the idea of a woman, the looks of a woman, the way a woman talks, walks, and loves. We celebrate woman as an icon, as a symbol and as an attitude. A woman can re-create the world around her, she has the power to change her life if necessary. She has the strenght to start again, love again, breathe again. She has the body to walk for miles without breaking a sweat, a body to admire and respect. She has a soul that never grows old, or dies. Her soul lives forever, her soul inspires, and motivates. A woman has the power to be an inspiration to whoever is around her, she has the power to rule and engage.

Moeva, as a woman, is the woman who has an unbreakable soul. She is strong against any obstacle that comes her way, any violence she goes through, she survives, she is a survivor. A woman plays the game, without the rules because it is her who creates them. Moeva as a woman is the rule setter of this game. Moeva as a woman is the strenght, she is the goddess ruling the oceans, the power over the skies and the air in the soil. She is what the trees breathe in and she is who gives life. Moeva as a woman is the source of life. She is the flower that blossom on a tree and the little bubble in the angry waves. She is the calm tide that playfully and slowly retracts. She is the sun that comes up every single day, and brightens the world once more. Moeva as a woman is the light, she is the universe. She is the millions of stars in the sky, she is the Nebula, the milkyway, the blackhole.

This year we thank all the women of the world, for inspiring us, for being themselves, for the woman that they are.

We wish all of you an amazing day, not only for today, but for every single day to come.

























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