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Editor's Choice : Vacation Essentials

This summer season, Moeva, is set to redefine your vacation experience. We are thrilled to present our hand-picked collection of summer essentials and to introduce you to a concealed, idyllic destination that harmoniously melds nature and innovative architecture. As we dive into the heart of the summer season, it's time to prepare for that much-anticipated escape from the everyday.Ladies, it's time to indulge in the sun-kissed days of summer, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a vacation wardrobe refresh! 

Browse through the Editor's Picks selected with you in mind.

Your Perfect Vacation Partner - North Bikini Set

A holiday calls for memorable experiences, new adventures, and of course, stunning pictures. The North silver bikini bottom ensures you look your best while you create beautiful memories. It combines style, comfort, and a hint of the extraordinary, making it a perfect addition to your vacation essentials.

So, as you pack for your next beach vacation, make sure the North silver metallic bikini bottom finds its way into your suitcase. It's time to let your style shine as brightly as the vacation sun and the celestial bodies that inspired your swimwear. After all, the beach is your vacation stage, and you deserve to shimmer in the spotlight. Embrace this glittering trend and bask in its radiant glory.

A Showcase of Comfort and Style

What makes the Hartley silver swimsuit an essential addition to your vacation suitcase is the balance it strikes between style and comfort. The metallic yarn used is not just visually striking but also breathable and flexible, ensuring you stay comfortable as you lounge, swim, or engage in beach activities.The addition of black nickel buttons at the middle adds an element of sophistication to the ensemble, subtly elevating the overall design. This detail, paired with the sporty ribbed design, adds dimension to the swimsuit, making it a garment that refuses to compromise on style or comfort.

 Hartley And North is Incomplete Without Luz

The shimmering Luz silver pants are the perfect companion for the Hartley one-piece and the North silver bikini set. The metallic silver of the pants complements the silver of the swimsuits, enhancing their shine and creating a cohesive, glamorous beach look.

Classic Elegance Redefined - The Marcella White Bikini

When it comes to vacation essentials, the importance of choosing the right swimwear cannot be understated. Whether you're lounging by the beach or indulging in water activities, your swimwear should reflect your personal style while offering utmost comfort. A classic pick with a unique twist - that's where the Marcella white strapless bikini top comes into the picture.

A Must-Have

As you prepare for your vacation, you're probably in search of the perfect swimsuit - one that enhances your body's natural charm while expressing your personal style. If you're a fan of one-piece swimsuits, then we have a piece that's going to excite you - the Jolanda white swimsuit. This exquisite garment promises to be the showstopper in your vacation essentials.

 Pairing Jolanda Swimsuit and Marcella Bikini with Tana Kaftan

When you're planning your vacation suitcase, the right swimwear and cover-up combination can make a world of difference. Not only does it elevate your beach style, but it also provides comfort and convenience. If you're looking for the perfect pairing for your Jolanda swimsuit or Marcella bikini, we recommend the Tana white mesh knitted knee-Length kaftan, a cover-up that perfectly complements both.

Spotlight: The Fewa Blue One-Shoulder Dress

When packing all your essentials, a chic dress is as essential as a fabulous swimsuit. It's not just about looking stylish, but also about feeling confident and comfortable for your night outs. The Fewa blue one-shoulder knitted dress, adorned with a stunning gold accessory, perfectly encapsulates these qualities, making it an indispensable part of your vacation ensemble.

Your Must-Have Vacation Accessories 

For any vacation, accessories are not just add-ons; they are essential components that add a finishing touch to your look and enhance your overall vacation experience. We've handpicked four must-have vacation accessories that will complement your outfits perfectly and ensure you're ready to make a statement wherever your travels take you. Starting off our list is the Sole blue and beige towel. Made with premium-quality fabric, this towel is a practical yet stylish accessory that should make its way into every vacationer's suitcase. Its striking blue and beige tones will stand out on any beach, while its soft texture ensures maximum comfort. This luxury towel is an excellent companion for any beach day or poolside lounging. No vacation ensemble is complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses. The Marche Black sunglasses, with their sleek design, offer a classic and timeless aesthetic. Their black frame suits any skin tone and pairs well with virtually any outfit. Beyond style, these sunglasses also provide essential protection from the sun's UV rays, making them a practical accessory for all your sun-soaked activities.






It’s the time to reveal a getaway!

The Serene Getaway: Campo San Lorenzo, Ibiza

Having curated your perfect summer wardrobe, we're thrilled to reveal a hidden gem of a location - Campo San Lorenzo in Ibiza.Nestled in the tranquil town of San Lorenzo, the place offers a bespoke vacation experience that marries the simplicity of rural life with the energy of Ibiza's vibrant culture. The Loft is a marvel of modern architecture, seamlessly blending with the bucolic scenery. With top-tier comforts and breathtaking vistas of Ibiza’s countryside, your stay at The Loft will be nothing short of luxury personified. 

Campo San Lorenzo's allure doesn't end with its stunning lodgings. Engulfed by lush greenery, this area provides a peaceful respite from the bustling beaches and clubs that Ibiza is renowned for. Indulge in the local culinary scene, try the signature Bullit de Peix, and drive out to experience Ibiza's nightlife, before returning to your serene haven.

This summer, let's Vogue it out with Moeva. Update your wardrobe with our must-have essentials and make a journey to Ibiza's hidden retreat. Remember, a Moeva getaway is not just a vacation - it's a rendezvous of high fashion and nature’s beauty.

Reserve your spot today, happy vacationing!

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