Moeva Introducing SS22 Collection: Terra Firma

There are certain fashion categories that have happiness baked into their very soul, and we never get enough of following them, as well as buying them.


Summer state of mind – would be an accurate saying to touch on how much we enjoy during summer along with its dress code. Elegant swimsuits, show-stopping bikinis, flowing dresses, and more. We simply can’t get enough of these soul-nourishing pieces!


Now is a good time to take a tour to our latest collection TERRA FIRMA - inspired by the authenticity of nature and its sovereignty and how it will always remain the most remarkable reality for mankind despite the un-stoppable era of technology – along with browsing which colors, prints, and styles are cults in SS22.


Meet Us In The Utopian Future!



The collection originates as vibrant as ever, along with the bold geometric shapes and abstract prints. More importantly, this year’s collection highlights full looks nourished by a spectacular variety of accessories.




Ready to hit the key pieces to invest in!

Although swimwear is definitely one of our strong assets, our ready-to-wear variety has grown and became essential as well.



Considering the #moevagirl - confident & daring – this collection is all about them, making a statement with unusual silhouettes & earth tones.




Spotlight On: Abstract Prints

Along with one of the main aesthetics of Moeva – always searching for new prints that will complete each and every season’s theme – an attribution to brand new trend-setting styles based on true researches and inspirations.