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Summer Destination 2017 | MOEVA


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Summer is the time of the year that all of us want to to have fun and travel! In this post, we will continue our holiday destination series with the best tips of where to go, where to stay and what to do.

A white beach stretching along the shore and a peaceful sea… The name of this heavenly island is Phuket. The paradisiac island is a piece of heaven in the heart of Thailand with its perfect place for a summer getaway.

Phuket is the most famous and the most largest island in the Thailand that everyone knows. At the same time having the most beautiful beaches of the country. From the North to South of the island, there are rows of mountains and there are palm trees showing in the mountains. Just imagine at little bit; what an amazing atmosphere! The nature of the island is magnificent, because %70 of the island is forest.

When it’s low season in Phuket the sea is sometimes rough on the west coast where all the popular beaches and hotels are… butif you still want to swim in the ocean, where should you go?

The most known beach is “Paradise Beach Phuket Near Patong Beach”. Paradise Beach in Phuket is just 4 kilometers from Patong and offers two small sandy bays with very blue sea, powdery sand and cute little boats are gently bobbing in the bay. Yes, it is small, remote and not easy to find if you don’t know but it is becoming increasingly popular. The bay is now famous for hosting Phuket Full Moon Parties.

The other one is “AO YON Beach”. If you were looking for a quiet place still retaining the good old original local feel, you might like AO YON. On occasional week ends, pretty impressive ‘Dragon Boats’ teams practice their synchronized rowing and it suddenly becomes very lively, not something you see everyday.

While quite long and nice, the beach is only partially maintained and each end still has the typical piles of junk found in places not often visited by tourists. However, in the center it is a beautiful tropical setting with tall palm trees, a couple of new nice hotels, a modest beach clubs and a few small restaurants.

Phuket has a surprising high amount ofthings to see and do for such a small island and if you are as lazy as I am, you will never be bored of traveling around. Swimming, diving, rafting and surfing lovers; we are calling you! Let's not forget mysterious islets and yacht tours beside them.