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Your Ideal Xmas Present


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Finding the ideal Xmas present can be stressful at this festive time of the year, as we have promised, we would make it easier for you.

Each of us carries within ourselves a set of rules about gift giving.

Seldom acknowledged and rarely discussed, these rules determine what we give, how much we give, and to whom we give.

Moeva has a very wide range of products, from the most elegant one to the most stylish one. The person you will give a gift could be your girlfriend, best friend, sibling or it may be; you.

Have you ever decide what style do you like the most? Or what style your beloved ones would love to get?

Here are 7 styles we suggest for you to get from Moeva Collections!


I would like to start by explaining the main identity of Moeva which characterizedbyorexhibitingrefined,tastefulbeautyofmanner,form,orstyle. For this type of women we warmly suggest Lana One Piece as much as Sharon Bikini.


As much as we love borrowing from the boys, sometimes its nice get in touch with our feminine side! Linda and Pauline One Pieces are just perfect for showing the incredible women body!


These type of fashionably elegant people, have a very good sense of style. Ariana One Piece, is the piece both stylish and assertive. Victoria, however, is the one where you can wear 24/7 with your casual outfits and also where you can join happy hour beach parties, showing your style.


Retro is the new modern!

This segment of people embraces the imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past. Alexandra One Piece is the ultimate body suitwhich has a range of colors from Black to Red. The fall over the shoulder fabric detail brings the couture feel to swimwear. The fall over part can also be worn up on the shoulders. For bikini lovers, we warmly suggest the Rebecca Bikini which is the two-pieces version of Alexandra.


Despite the main style of Moeva, the brand features a hardworking sporty bikini tops and comfy one pieces. Elena One-Piece is a mono-wired design from this collection, which enhances the silhouette with cutout details below the bust through the waist.

Lucia bikini, however, has a strong sporty shape to show your style. But yet, it is not the best option to play sports!


Mentioning about comfort, we would like mention about Judy and Alice Bikini. Judy Bikini is the bikini option for Roxy One-Piece. It is enhanced with strap details on the front and the back straps are closed with gold clasps. The bottom has full coverage, and is designed with mesh details, matching the look of the one piece. The straps are removable on the top, so it can also be used as a very chic bustier. Lastly, Alice Bikini is enhanced with beautiful design elements. The geometrical cutouts by the sides create the perfect balance for the look and this particular design is recommended for all.


Many of us have two types of clothes in our closets: the of-the-moment, trendy pieces and theclassics. They are equally important, but we tend to place greater value on the latter because, well, they'll never go out ofstyle. Since Moeva has funded, all time favorite piece is always the same; Bridget One Piece. This iconic design can be extremely chic and elegant, yet comfortable to wear at the same time. The deep V-neck continues by the waist and then is connected to the bottom. Two sides of the top is tied behind the neck and the gold accessory on the waist continues beneath one of sides but it is apparent on the other side.