Breaking The Rules With The King Of Fashion

Today, on his 86th birthday we want to celebrate one of the most popular singers and performers in the 20th century, Elvis Presley.


In 42 years he has become the icons of rock and roll, culture, and style and outlived his career with his legacy.


During pop culture, in the mid-Fifties, Elvis bent and challenged the rigid gender boundaries of the period and inspired young men to play with their clothing to express themselves. He liberated people and showed them that men can use color, print, lace, and makeup too. Apart from the ‘showtime’ Elvis, his earlier style stated him as a fashion icon as well and is still relevant today - Cuban collar shirts, wide-legged, pleated trousers, blouson, and leather jackets. 


No matter how trendy they were, he would never wear jeans. He often aligned jeans with working clothes and denied to wear them. 


Here are a few of his most iconic looks: