The Imperfect Mundane

The story is the difference between perfection and imperfection. What is perfect, and why? Imperfection itself is perfection. Whatever is the case for measuring, oneself get to arrive to the conclusion, thus already makes it imperfect. The decision is not objective nor universal, it is personal and can alternate according to anyone, whoever it is making the decision. How personal it is, is what makes is unique, therefore perfect. And the imperfect mundane is, observing something, anything which is what you would normally see, a mundane object from your every day life, and turn it in to something unique, by just making a decision upon. And capturing a moment in time, separating that one single moment from the whole is turning something extremely mundane in to something extremely rare and beautiful in the sense where it does not repeat itself.

You see, this could be a round of stairs, towers, crossing pipes, a detail from a whole in a building, a simple glass. Basically anything.


The point of view is the tool here.


The opinion.

The decision.

The perceptIon.


The perfect imperfection, is simply being unique.