Minimal And Detailed

Deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design, a minor decorative feature of a building or work of art, the style or treatment of minor decorative features.

When explaining a certain feature, it is always best to keep it simple, in order to avoid confusion. Simple sentences, words even, simple structures. Beauty lies with simplicity. Less is more is the defining notion for minimalism but how does one explain details whilst remaining loyal to the simplicity which derives from the minimalistic. All art forms have experienced the notion of minimal, as explained above, it is to execute without any additional adornment and/or decoration.

Once explaining the meaning of detail, one can see how both ideas actually collide in the sense where details could exceed the idea of minimalism if used too much.

Colliding and contradicting notions come together with Fashion, this is the reason why some designers actually play with this idea and create the garments we call masterpieces today. All beauty lies within simplified details, which also suits the minimal idea because the detail is minimalized. In this article, you can see the examples of minimal details, wherein each and every one of the details you see actually come together as a whole within itself. Details are used as a tool to emphasize. The most beautiful part of all is that these details are used to emphasize the minimal characteristics of the particular design shown. The contradiction itself is what makes each of them unique and simple.

Details are the minimalistic form of beauty represented in Fashion Design. All contradictory but harmonious at the same time.